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Griffin's Needle and my camp improvements

Well despite my being stressed about the idea of no sleep I thought GN went rather well. I was very happy with my team, the Persian Griffins and overall with what we ended up doing. MAJOR KUDOS to Gev for his silk score...that beautiful (non metalic) gold  paisley silk at $4/ yd...that's the kind of fabric find dreams are made of lol. And it looked so cool with the blue lining. Too bad we didn't finish the coat but thankfully Isabelle was able to at least get the lining and the coat together in time for the fashion show, even if it needed hemming.  I'm already thinking about next year's competition.

Eithni's trying to get a bunch of us from Northshield to do Golden Seamstresses. I would LOVE to go, but it is in February, and I don't get to go much of anywhere January-April. 

So what did I do on Sunday? Sewed lol. I started hemming the cuffs on my embroidered tunic. I'm embroidering the hem with a van dyke stich so it is a little slower going than a normal hem. I'm liking how it is turning out though.  My thoughts are already on my next project too. I think I've finally gotten the hang of tying my 13th headwrap and now I want a hanging sleeve tunic to "go with it". I've got some tealish blue wool that has stepped up to the calling. I'm hoping when I'm done I'll look like I stepped out of the Maciejowski Bible.  I really ought to take photos and put instructions for that headwrap on the internet. 

I've made some major strides in making my camp more period this week too. Friday afternoon I stopped at the Girl Scouts of Blackhawk storage shed where they are clearing out some old camp supplies. I scored two nice sized wooden boxes (one is going to Anplica) and a yellow canvas Girl Scout tent with wooden poles - all for $30. I'll need to cover up the GS logo that is on it but with as yellow as that tent is I'm thinking a black compass rose will do the trick. Jonns also has the plans drawn for my dantesca chair and I need to get him a check so he can start working on it. He was also kind enough to gift me with his prototype bench at WW. I picked up a lantern at Tuesday Morning for $5 recently too.  My camp next summer is going to be entirely different from what it was this year!

As if I didn't have enough projects in the works, I've also decided to make a painted floorcloth. I signed up to the medieval encampment yahoo group and there were some lovely photos of tiles posted there.  I was inspired.  My husband (who manages a paint store) was more than a little scoffing at the idea of me using house paint for it, and after some research I think I'm going to prime with acrylic gesso. He's relieved to hear it lol. If I can get the books I want through ILL I may make an A&S project out of it.

Garb snarking and "reasonable attempt"

Last weekend was WW XV, weather was not exactly cooperative but the new site was nice. However I noticed something that weekend, something I've noticed for a while but seemed to be worse at that site than I've experienced in the past - very poor (IMO) attempts at SCA-period garb.  

For starters...the "pirate" thing is NOT pre-1600, and has totally been done so can we please move on? And wrapping yourself in a cloak over your mundane clothes doesn't count as an "attempt" in my book either. Despite the heat I didn't see as many bad belly dancer types running around as I have in the past (yay!) though there were still a few. Just a tip...make sure the top at least FITS if you're going to wear it-I saw at least one quadroboob. Kids should be garbed too.

Tunics really aren't that hard to make, truely. I think I'd rather see a crushed velvet Halloween costume (and those of you who know me know of my hatred of that fabric!) than some of the "attempts" at garb I've seen lately.  If you've attended more than one event though it is time to pitch the crushed velvet and get a decent tunic. Trust me, in the heat of an event like WW you will be MUCH more comfortable. 

Everyone isn't a garb laurel, and not everyone's garb needs to pass the laurel's handshake. But PLEASE, can we try a little harder in our garb 'attempts'?

Starting to pack for WW

We got back from the family cottage tonight so my thoughts are now turning to packing for WW.  Adding to the complication of packing this year, aside from the fact that I"m taking the kids, is the fact that I am the youth activities coordinator - passed my background check and everything.  I've got a basket packed with some coloring pages (to be used with markers, not crayons that will melt in the sun!) wooden blocks, my chess/backgammon/chinese checkers/mancala set, a couple recorders (like the instrument) and my instructions for run around type games. I'm not done packing the kid stuff yet lol and the jousting target, stick ponies and jousting poles will take up some space. I have to add the books, more arts and crafts stuff, plus I'm bringing bubbles, sidewalk chalk, etc. My sister was also kind enough to lend me her dragon marionette.  I am hoping that the youth activities are successful!

I finished Morgan's tunic at the cottage this weekend. Well finished but for a clasp of some sort on the keyhole neckline.  She was wearing around the cottage before I got it hemmed and she was so cute in it! I wasn't good about taking pictures last year when I took the kiddos, I definately have to be better about it this year! G looks so dashing in his new red tunic too.

My garb wish/to do list

I admit to having garb ADD lol. I barely start one project and I'm thinking about another one I'd like to work on. I'll even go out and buy some of the fabric for them to have on hand when I have the time/inclination. I have mentally made a list but I thought it'd be interesting to spell out what I need/want to do and what I'm going to make it from out of my stash:

"In progress"
1. Finish Morgan's new red tunic for WW
2. Finish my brown embroidered tunic
3. Fax my shoe order- I'm getting some turnshoes
4. Sew lining together for my cote
5. Iron blue linen for cote
6. Take apart my first "Irish" dress to convert to ~1495 Italian gamurra (the wool is just too nice to waste and I bought the rest of the bolt when I found it on the clearance shelf at Hancock Fabrics)
7. Finish chemise that I've had lying around for ages

"Wish list"
1. Cote - royal blue linen
2. Overdress for cote ala Les Tres Riches Heures- black wool
3. Sideless surcoat-burgundy wool blend
4. Elizabethen corset & undergarments - white linen
5. Houppelande - plum wool
6. Elizabethan gown - midnight blue wool 
7. Italian gamurra - dk blue "I can't believe that's really wool" wool from Irish dress, possibly also dk red linen for camping events
8. Giornea - I DON"T have fabric for this at this point. 
9. Hanging sleeve 12th century tunic - tealish blue wool

Hats/headcoverings (to go w/ dress options of course!)
1. Roll hat (black wool or linen)
2. Open hood - black linen
3. late 15th Italian headcovering of some sort (or get a wig for hair taping!)

Can I take a leave of absence from work to just sew for a year or two? Especially since I  tend to do a lot of hand sewing it could take me a loooooong time to make it through this list lol!

Rats...lost my silk!

I was bidding on ebay for a piece of silk fabric that was just the right size to use as an Elizabethan forepart, and, though there were still 4 days to go in the auction, it was at a REALLY good price.

Today I got a message from ebay that they pulled the auction. :(  Ebay can't tell me why due to privacy policies and all but I was quite bummed. That fabric was PERFECT! I'd even been congratulating myself for not buying this other (much more expensive) fabric that I've been eying for a while because this was so perfect.

So I keep hoping it'll get re-listed. I don't even remember the name of the seller though, and it was pulled entirely so I don't have it in my auction history or anything.

It isn't a total loss though...I don't even have the underpinnings done yet for an Elizabethan so the gown itself was some ways off. And it isn't like I don't have any OTHER garb projects on my to do list!




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